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Comfrey Ointment


Available in 15g and 50g pots.

Comfrey contains an active ingredient known as Allantoin, known for its healing properties.  
Comfrey can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments including cuts, bites, acne, sprains and burns.

Key ingredients are:
- Beeswax (Cera Alba) which rich in Vitamin A and helps to seal moisture into the skin.
- Comfrey (Symphytum Officinalis) which contains the anti-inflammatory allantoin, it perks
up the immune system and speeds wound healing.
- Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) is one of our best natural antiseptics.
- Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is a key antioxidant which, when applied to the skin promotes healing.





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